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The Giver of Life

What are some of her concerns and needs?

Needs: The Answer:

(no fears or worries)

comes from a state
of being in God

(to do and be what she wants)

when we give up our freedom
we are free in Him

(able to play freely in the meadow)

to be what God wants
to do His will

Not Controlled
(able to make her own decisions)

yielded to His will
He is the decision

Financially Sound
(no worries or obligations)

He alone is God and
knows the desires of our heart

Taken Care Of
(physically and emotionally)

He takes care of
all our needs

(say so and rights in all things)

we are His servants
have no rights

(in all decisions and ventures)

He is the Master
we are to obey

(never threatened in word or deed)

He is our Eternal Hope
there is no fear in Him

(never having her own way disturbed)

He is Peace...
the giver of Peace

(all circumstances to her liking)

happy is He who delights
in the Lord in all things

(no pressures or obligations which rob her joy)

the joy of the Lord
is our Life


God is Love
we can only love in Him

No Requirements
(no strings - no wants or needs by one's mate)

He requires our life as
our only reasonable service

Only giving what one wants to give, when one wants to give it, will not work!

The answer lies in total submission unto the Lord,
for He is the answer.


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