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What are some of his concerns and needs?

Needs: The Answer:

(meaning to life)

What greater purpose can Man have than God,
than being in God, according to His purpose

(in charge of his destiny)

God is to be in control
He alone is our destiny

Take Care Of
(to fix things his way)
God takes care of us; we are to do His will, to be His will, His way, for the sake of others
(for what he does)
We take no credit - even the Lord made Himself of no reputation to the honor and glory of the Father
(for who he is)
Man is a fallen being with a fallen mind, yet God sent His Son that we may be One with Him
(for what he can do)

We are nothing;
We can only do things in Christ, all things

(for what he can give)

God is all we need, He is to be
first in our life as our only need

(to succeed and to fail)

God gives us the freedom to be,
to rest, to dwell in Him

(to be what he wants)

He alone is able; He is our strength;
in our weakness we are strong

(to get what he wants)
Success comes only in God - We can only fail  -
He is to be the desire of our heart

(in his own self efforts)

Our security is in Him; He is the
Eternal Hope of Glory - our Eternal Security

(to be a man - to do his own thing)

God sets us free from the curse of man the choices of a fallen mind - to be free in Him


God is Love
We can only love and become love
and be love in Him

No Requirements
(no strings - no wants or needs)
He requires our life as
our only reasonable service

Only giving what one wants to give, when one wants to, will not work!

The answer lies in submission to the Lord, to be as He is, for He alone is the answer.


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