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The Dwelling Place
A Ministry of Being
The State of Being
The Plight of Man
Conformed to this World
Transformed to His Image
Transformation Proclamation
In His Image
God's Call
A Personal Inventory
A Spiritual Survey
The Man
The Woman
Marriage Roles
Becoming One
The Giver of Life

His Disciple
A Follower of the Lord

We are His!

To do what He wants us to do
To become His Ambassadors
To be what He Created us to be
New Creations in Him

In His Image
To Be as He Is!

     God Is...      So We become...
          Holy      Holy
           as our reasonable service
          Perfect      Perfect
           as He is Perfect
          Righteous      Righteous
           as a recipient of His righteousness
          Love      Love
           as a dweller in His Love
          Peace      Peace
           as a being of His Peace
          Joy      Joy
           as a participient of His Joy
           filled with the fruits of His Spirit

We are His blessing, that others may be blessed!

We are to be in Him
That we may be like Him
That others will follow Him


We are to be about our Father's business, not ours!

Our calling - to be One with Him, in Him
According to His Purpose!


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