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The Dwelling Place
A Ministry of Being
The State of Being
The Plight of Man
Conformed to this World
Transformed to His Image
Transformation Proclamation
In His Image
God's Call
A Personal Inventory
A Spiritual Survey
The Man
The Woman
Marriage Roles
Becoming One
The Giver of Life

Take a look at your life!

List what belongs to you                        List what belongs to God

List your needs
Examine them
Are they physical or spiritual?

List your deeds - Your accomplishments
Are they physical or spiritual

What have you done for God?
In God?...
What can you do?

Look at your words - Your thoughts
Your goals - Your job - Your career
Your attitudes - Your interests
What do they mean to you? - To God?

Look at your stuff - Your things
What is important to you?
What will you give up?
What should you give up?
Who does it belong to?
Where did it come from?

Is it your blessing or your curse?
How can you tell?

The rich young ruler had much,
too much to be of service to God


  Where do you stand before God?


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