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"Many are called, but few are chosen"

God's call is to everyone!
Only by choosing God and putting Him first
do we respond to His call
and accept our calling.

God's Call

     to yield to Him our all

   Our Response

      to give Him our all

      to put Him first       to make Him first in everything
              the only God - with all our hearts
     to surrender our lives

     to lose our lives

     to live in Him

     to become His servants

     to be His ambassadors

     to be new creations

     to become His righteousness

     to be transformed

     to sin not

     to be perfect

     to be holy

     to be as He is

        to surrender our lives to Him

        to truly die and have eternal life

        to become life and have life in Him

        to be His bond slaves to do His will

        to represent Him - in Him on this earth

        to be - one with Him - in Him

        to be in Him who is righteous

        as His image

        to live in Him who cannot sin

        to be perfect in Him

        to be filled with His holiness

        to be a new creation - in Him

"No man comes to the Father but by Me."
"Whosoever believeth in Him has etetnal life."
"Whosoever believeth not has condemned himself because
he hath not believed in the only begotten Son of God."

"Choose you this day whom you will serve"

It is to be a permanent choice
"A living sacrifice"


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