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The Dwelling Place
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Becoming One
The Giver of Life

There is Life
     My Life
     Adding God to my life

God's Life
     His Life
     the yielding of my life
     the becoming life
          in Him

The Being Life
     in Him
     in His Life

The Abiding
     the Dwelling
     the Dwelling Place of Life

The Having Life
     More Abundantly

For God, the Giver of Life
     is Life
     in Him is Life
          Eternal Life

When my life is gone - His Life begins
     Experience Life
          Experience God

My Life
     Ends in Death

His Life
     Extends Eternally

     is a gift from Him
     to be given to Him
     to be fulfilled in Him
     to be lived in Him

Life is in the Blood
     He has cleansed me with
          His blood

Now we Flow Through
     His life as His Life
     in His Blood

     transfused with His blood
     cleansed in His blood
     in His Life

It's not who I am in God that matters

It's who He is, for I am nothing
     He is everything

 In Him, I'm covered.
Perfect in His righteousness

To live again, is to be born again!

Choose to die, that you may live,
That He may dwell in you.


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