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Table of Contents

The Purpose of this Science Kit about Science

SECTION 1:  What Is Science?
Its History From the Beginning

How Did Science Begin?
First Steps in Science
The Developing Method
Science & a Created World
The Roots of Modern Science
The Scientific Method Applied
The Definition of Science
Rules of the Scientific Method
Who May Participate in Science
Two Sources and Two Kinds of Knowledge
The Need to Correct Distorted Science

SECTION 2:  Questions and Answers
Science, Religion, Creation and Evolution

1. What is Science?
2. Does Science Discover Absolute Knowledge?
3. Do not Scientists Approach Their Work with an Open Mind?
4. Is Not Evolution a Science and Therefore Based Upon Fact?
5. Can a Theory about Processes of Origins Be Tested?
6. How Can One Make a Decision about Creation & Evolution?
7. Could Not God Have Created Everything by Evolution?
8. I thought Darwin Proved the Theory of Evolution.
9. Has Christianity Hindered the Process of Science?


Study Questions

SECTION 3:  Quotations From Scientists
Science, Religion, Creation and Evolution

Does Evolution Meet the Criterion of Falsifiability?
Is Evolution Reproducible?
Does the Theory Lead to Testable Predictions?
Does Untestable Speculation Characterize Evolutionary Theory?
Some Modern Speculations
Some Comments on Evolutionary Speculations
The Character of Evolutionary Theory
Sharp Criticism From a Noted Scientist

Other Problems with the Theory

Incompleteness and Uncertainty
All Types Seem Specialized
The Necessary Time Is Circular
Doubts and Doubters in the Camp
A Word on Scientific Priestcraft
Concluding Remarks
Do Evolutionists Have Faith?

Do Evolutionists Cherish Dogma?

Examples of Evolutionary Dogma
Dogma and Anti-Dogma
Modern Comments on Dogma
Are Evolutionists Enthusiasts?
Atheism and Evolution
Concluding Remarks

Test Questions for Science Kit

Answers to Test Questions