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Section 3: Quotations from Scientists

Do Evolutionists Cherish Dogma?

Concluding Remarks

After studying the foregoing testimony from the standard evolutionary literature it seems difficult to avoid the conclusion that the evolutionary enterprise has many of the marks of a religious belief system. We have seen the repetitious proclamation of dogmas which are not capable of scientific demonstration or test. We have heard the faithful reaffirm their belief in that which they have not seen and which they cannot produce for others to see. And we have observed the evangelists exhorting the congregation to steadfastness in their quest for truth and challenging outsiders to join in the great adventure.

When to these observations we add the fact that the evolutionary explanation of origins is at its heart a natural outworking of the materialist faith proposition (i.e., that the properties of atoms and the laws of physics explain everything), it becomes apparent that evolution has all of the principal marks of a system of religious belief. It is marked by implicit faith, rigid dogma, enthusiasm and evangelism, and an underlying world view which all the faithful assume to be true.

With this, our two-fold case rests as proved--from the testimony of the evolutionists themselves. Evolution and creation are equally non-scientific and equally religious, as shown in the previous and present sections. With this philosophical foundation clearly established, the controversy between the two explanations of origins can be examined objectively. The scientific data adduced from the present world by the two groups of believers in support of their competing explanations can be studied for closeness of fit with theory, and the opposing logical arguments can be analyzed for correctness and consistency. But in the final analysis one becomes a believer by exercising faith. After faith comes application to life in the present world, for what we believe does influence how we live. And the faith of creation and the faith of evolution surely are significant in this respect, but that is a subject beyond the limits of this study.

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