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Parent - Teacher Guide

The Purpose of this Science Kit about Science
The primary purpose of this science kit is to give the student a correct understanding of what science is, how science relates to various belief systems, be they religious or irreligious, and how a Christian may correctly participate in the scientific enterprise in a way which accords with true biblical faith and enables the Christian to glorify God in science. A secondary purpose is to give the student the correct understanding of how and why the scientific enterprise has come to be dominated by anti-Christians, and how just a single Christian student can do something in the science classroom, in a responsible and constructive manner, to remove offense against the faith of Christians and change science education, indeed, all education for the better. There is implied in all this a challenge to Christian young people, if they are called by God into some branch of science, education or other scholarly pursuit, to follow that calling with a commitment to demonstrate by the quality of their performance that it means something important and valuable to be a Christian.

The student book is divided into three sections. Section one contains the main study of this kit covering science. Section two provides the student with questions and answers on science to help equip the student with a proper understanding of science. Study questions are also provided to assist the student in this learning experience.

Section three is packaged as a separate book and is optional for this study of science. Since this sections contains quotations from scientists who hold to the evolutionary view, parents may need to read this section prior to assigning it to the student.

These quotations contain excellent information that demonstrates the fallacy of evolutionary thought, and which therefore provides the student with additional ammunition to use in the classroom.

The test questions provide a means of measuring the learning experience of the student. The answers to these test questions are contained on the following pages.

The biblical Christian faith and moral code was built into the free social and economic system of America by our Pilgrim and Puritan forefathers. Now, some three centuries later, both the attacks of the anti-Christians and the sloth and disobedience of Christians have diluted or wiped out much of the Christian influence in the life of our nation. Our enemies say this is now the "post-Christian era." It is especially in the schools and colleges that the Christian world view has replaced the Christian view. In such a school environment many professing Christian young people either lose their faith or are neutralized, silenced before a watching world.

It is possible, however, for Christian parents and their children to prepare a strong defense of their faith and a vigorous offense. The young students can gain a good understanding of what they believe and why. They can get control of a good positive exposition of the Christian view of the world. They can also be prepared to expose the weaknesses of the anti-Christian belief systems, especially the theories of evolution.

Young Christians can become good witnesses for the Truth, constant in their faith, good role models who show by their lives that it is good to be a Christian.

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