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Section 2: Questions & Answers

Science, Religion, Creation, and Evolution
4. Is not evolution a science and therefore based upon fact, whereas creation is religious and therefore based upon "blind faith"?

Answer: Neither evolution nor creation can be either proved or disproved by science, so believers in evolution or creation must accept either view by faith.

The idea behind evolution is materialism, a belief which is accepted by faith. Materialism is the view of the world which sees matter and the laws of physics and chemistry as the only ultimate reality or, at least the only reality with any practical importance in the world.

A scientist who is a materialist and is interested in the origins of things will naturally pursue research aimed at discovering natural, i.e., materialistic explanations for the origin (the beginning) and development of all things including the universe, solar system, earth, life, species, and man.

On the other hand, the belief underlying creation is theism, especially biblical theism. Biblical theism is the world-view that sees infinite-personal Spirit as the source of all reality. The biblical theist believes that the infinite-personal Creator of all things has revealed truth about the creation in a book, the Bible. A scientist who is a biblical theist will naturally approach scientific research with a view to understanding more about the Creator's handiwork. He will expect his results to agree with his faith, to fit into the framework of the biblical record of creation.

It is clear, then, that evolution and creation are equally religious. Each requires faith in a basically philosophical or religious understanding of the world.

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