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Section 2: Questions & Answers

Science, Religion, Creation, and Evolution
7. But could not God have created everything by some evolutionary process? Perhaps He created the universe and then let evolution do the rest.

Answer: This idea, called theistic evolution, does not agree with what the Bible plainly says about creation, and it is not acceptable to the scientists who have developed the modern theory of evolution, although it does satisfy some professing Christians.

Darwinian evolution in both its original and its modern form proposes evolution only by completely random chemical and physical processes. In this theory no trace of intelligent purpose, plan, design or goal is allowed. Therefore, theistic evolution which assumes divine direction to achieve divinely purposed goals is an entirely different and incompatible theory. As a result, belief in theistic evolution cannot logically be used as an excuse for accepting the modern evolutionary theory held by secular scientists. In addition theistic evolution leaves the believer with a God who really did not do what the Bible says He did, a God who apparently is not able to do what the Bible says He did. It makes man a half-evolved, half-created being who is a remodeled ape, so to speak. It also makes the Lord Jesus Christ into a very specially made-over ape. But the Bible says that He is the Creator of the universe, and the New Testament records His approval of the Genesis record of creation.4 Thus it would appear that those who accept theistic evolution are standing in an intellectual and religious no-man's land where they will be shot at from both sides of the battlefield, by the materialists as well as by the Bible-believers.

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