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Things look mighty different ever since the Flood
Now there's water everywhere and where there's not, there's mud.
I still remember how it was when Noah built the ark
Grass was green, trees were tall, just right for a small aardvark.

We romped through all the foliage and played among the ferns
We didn't seem to have a care, only man had need to learn.
For man had grown so wicked forgetting God's command;
Except for Noah's family, violence filled the land.

The animals all seemed restless the day the Lord appeared
We heard him speak to Noah, calming all that we had feared.
From aardvarks down to zebras we all were quickly told
That Noah was to build an ark and animals it would hold.
We all began to help him, a job we did not dread
If you didn't have a hand, you could lend a trunk instead.
An aardvark cannot lift much we're not too good with tools
But we can check for termites, we like those pesky fools.
Building the ark wasn't easy, we needed so much wood
Noah's sons would go to the forest and cut down what they could.
The wood was cut and shaped then made into mighty beams.
The rhinos pulled them into place and pitch filled in the seams.
The people watched in wonder this spectacle to see;
Some of them would help us while others laughed with glee.
It seemed to be so silly that men could not conceive
That God would send a mighty Flood, but they would not believe.
Now Noah had been told by God to pack up what he'd need
And so he took along some food, his tools, his books, and seed.
He told his wife to pack her things and went to see his son
For since the ark was finished, the loading had begun.
Then God called His creatures to come from far and near
While Noah gave instructions we all took time to hear.
For God had wisely chosen a pair of every kind
And some He chose by sevens; He did not change His mind.
When finally all was ready Noah made his final plea;
He told about the rain to come and begged his friends to see.
Some of them stopped to listen while others closed their ears;
It seemed they had no time for God, poor Noah was in tears.
Then God called His creatures to come into the ark
Naturally the procession was led by this aardvark.
Then Noah and his family placed their things upon the floor
And when we were all safe inside, 'twas then God shut the door.
The rain that fell from heaven beat down upon the roof.
The flashes of lightning thundered like the beating of a hoof.
As Noah talked with the animals and calmed those on the boat
The waters of the Flood rose up and caused the ark to float.
The waters of the Flood were such they tossed the ark about
But we all slept aboard securely, there was no need to pout
And God took care of all our needs, for we were safe inside;
The waters covered all the earth, there was no place to hide.
And when the Flood was over, the ark came to a stop.
We landed on Mount Ararat, up high and near the top.
The dove brought back an olive branch so that is how we knew
That it was time to leave the ark because the Flood was through.
Yes things look mighty different without the pretty trees
But God said they will grow again, it is His will to please.
The men with all their evil thoughts had been washed away --
I hope that you remember this and live for God each day.