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The Bible describes the Great Flood that took place in the days of Noah when all the animals and most of the plants were destroyed by this judgment of God. The tragedy of this story is explained by this little aardvark who led the animal procession into the ark.

It is hard for us to imagine what took place when the flood waters rose up and covered the earth with water and mud. It must have been a frightening experience for them and yet we know that God took care of all their needs.

Today, all of the animals we see are descendents of the creatures that were aboard the ark. Even our precious pets that we love are here because Noah bult the ark just as God commanded him to do.

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The faithfulness of Noah is in sharp contrast to many other men and women in the Bible. Because Noah did what God asked him to do, we have the opportunity and the priviledge of enjoying the wonderful animals that God creted in the beginning.

Man's sin and disobedience was so great, that God sent this great flood to wash them all away. Noah and his family were spared as were those creatures that Noah took with him on the ark. Again, we can see the high price of sin and the judgment of God upon the wickedness of man. But we also see God's love and provision for the future by providing an ark of safety to preserve life upon this earth. Because Noah obeyed God and built the ark, we can enjoy even aardvarks until this very day. And, of course, we need to follow Noah's example and do what God asks us to do and live for Him, each and every day as well.