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Science Kits

Each Science Kit is designed to provide the student with a proper understanding of science and the knowledge that science is not a threat to one's religious faith.

In fact, Science cannot and does not deal with God since it only examines the natural world and does not deal in truth. Truth comes from the Word of God and is revealed by Him in the Scriptures. Understanding the nature of science and its limitations can help us to know and to appreciate even more the revelation of God.

Each Science Kit covers a single topic or concept and contains a student study guide which is divided into three sections or studies.
  • Section 1 presents the basic study and contains the evidence and examples of God's power and creation as well as a proper view of science in the light of God's Word.
  • Section 2 contains questions about the subject with positive answers given from our perspective. Study questions are also given to help students to adequately learn and apply the subject.
  • Section 3 is optional and contains questions from scientists, many of whom are evolutionists or who in general do not hold to our views. These various quotations however do verify what we are saying and in many cases show that evolution does not work or has no answers or solutions to the subject discussed.
  • A test is provided in each kit to measure the students grasp of the subject and a parent's guide which contains instructions and the answers to the test is also included to help the parent guide their children throughout this learning experience.

    By knowing science, and its limitations, we will never fall into the world's worst trap of ignorance and accept blindly foolish statements simply because we didn't have an answer or a proper understanding of science. As Christians, we have the truth and we do not need to apologize in any way for God's revelation to us in the Bible. This series of science kits is a major step forward in properly educating our children and grounding them in the truth.

    Begin the Science Kit - SCIENCE - What is Science?

    Begin the Science Kit - DESIGN - Design in Nature