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About Us

Our Vision

To build a Biblical Framework for all of education based on God's word and God's relationship with man -- not man's relationship to man (Biblically based, not secular knowledge with scripture added).

To establish eternal values into our children so that they understand knowledge and gain wisdom in the light of eternity as they stand before God, not in earthly terms such as money, career or things.

To train parents "How to train their children in the Way," so as to establish them in the faith and teach them to fulfill the will of God.

To create families that serve the Lord together and to teach them the importance of putting God first in all things so they may reach out to them and fulfill the great commission.

To provide multimedia training materials with written manuals and study guides that accomplish these goals and objectives so that we may be sure that what we have taught is duplicable in them and that each family can therefore do the will of God and teach others to do the same.

To prepare children to stand up for their faith even in the public schools as an outreach to others.

To instill in parents the fervent desire to serve God and to pass their faith on to the next generation by preparing their children to live daily for our Lord.

To prepare each of us as parents and children to stand before God, without spot and blameless, as we step into eternity and are judged for our very words and deeds.

Our Desire

To develop a parents ministry that truly prepares parents to deal with the issues and needs of their children and that will strengthen their family as together we do the will of God.

To establish a means of reaching parents and helping them to reach all of the other Christian families in all of our churches and then to train them, thereby teaching them to reach out to others for our Lord.

To take our completed program that builds a Biblical Framework for all of education as an alternative to the public schools and then develop a proper and complete education for the Christian school and home.

To utilize the technology of the internet, television and direct broadcast satellite to take our educational programs to the world in order to fulfill the great commission.

Our Plan

To develop a true relationship with you and your family that will accomplish these goals and fulfill the Lord's command to us to go, reach and teach others.

To further develop our educational program as a vehicle that truly reaches out to parents and children, teaching them to reach out again to others.

To establish a worldwide educational training ministry to parents and children, to the honor and glory of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.