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Now why does a jackal tell you a tale
About human beings, both male and female?
It's really quite simple, for I was there
When God spoke to Joshua, which may not seem fair.

I hid in the bushes and heard the Lord say,
"This land I give you, but you must obey.
Remember the law I gave Moses, my servant,
That will go with you wherever you're sent."

Then Joshua said to the people, "Beware."
You ask how I know, it's because I was there.
He told them all that the Lord had to say
And said to be ready, "We march in three days."
He then sent two men to spy out the city
They entered the land which was very pretty.
They came to the city and there met Rahab,
She hid them from harm which made the men glad.
She said that the city's afraid of God,
"Yet, I believe Him, so don't think that odd."
They escaped by a rope from Rahab's window
They promised to save her, this much I know.
The men ran quickly to cross the great river
They knew they must hurry, there was news to deliver.
When Joshua heard what then men had to say,
He rejoiced in the Lord, his heart was so gay.
After taking the time to obey God's command,
They marched across Jordan, the sight was quite grand.
For God held the water, it made me cry,
For the people all marched on land that was dry.
Now they had entered God's Promised Land
And the waters returned as the Lord moved His hand.
And the people rejoiced without a care.
You ask how I know, it's because I was there.
Then Joshua saw a man with a sword
This man was the captain of the host of the Lord.
The Lord then told Joshua what he must do
When the Lord finished talking, then Joshua knew.
He talked to the people of Israel that day
He told them exactly what the Lord had to say.
When he had finished, he talked to the priests
And none of the people were afraid in the least.
He assembled the people and started to go
They marched around Jericho, this much I know.
The king in the city had better beware
You ask how I know, it's because I was there.
Six days they marched, one time each day,
Around all the city with nothing to say.
On the seventh day they marched seven times,
Circling the city, they marched in straight lines.
Then I knew when the trumpets blew
And the people shouted, the city was through.
The walls of the city came tumbling down.
Only Rahab and her family we re spared in that town.
God gave them the city because they received
The laws He had given and they gladly believed.
Now you, too, must learn to simply obey
And always remember to love God each day.