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In the beginning was God's Holy Word;
He spoke by His power so thunder was heard.
He made all the planets, the Moon and the Sun
And when He had finished, He'd only begun.

He made all the animals that swim and that fly
And then He made man from dust that was dry.
He called His name Adam, and then He made Eve
And said it was good that man should believe.

And God walked with Adam in the Garden He made
Where it was perfect -- 'til they disobeyed.
They ate of the fruit that contained good and evil
Then hid from the Lord, like a frightened boll weevil.
And God up in heaven who knew what they'd done
Said, "Because of your sin I must send My Son
For He is the One who made heaven and earth
And now He must come, man will know of His birth."
In the history of man when the time was just right
God sent His Son to be born in the night.
In a Bethlehem stable with Joseph and Mary
The Christ child was born with God's message to carry.
The Lord our Creator came from heaven above
To give to the world the gift of God's love.
He grew to a man in the fullness of time
And proclaimed God's message to bring man in line.
While here on this earth as a part of His plan
He spoke God's Word to change sinful man.
He healed the sick and caused blind men to see
To display His great power to you and to me.
His purpose in leaving His heavenly throne
Was simply to die on the cross, so alone.
He gave His life freely for the sins of mankind
So Adam's descendents salvation would find.
Taken down from the cross He was placed in a tomb,
Sealed with a stone so mankind looked doomed.
But on the third day Christ arose from the dead
Showing His power over death as He said.
His disciples were frightened and seemed so confused
Until Christ appeared and gave them the news;
He promised to all who believed on His name
That death they will conquer, like Him, just the same!
And then they all knew that He must go away
As He went up to heaven they heard angels say,
All power is given to you on this earth
Now go and tell others of His death, life, and birth.
Christ returned to His home in heaven above,
He returned to the Father filled with His love.
And there He now waits at the Father's right hand,
He'll come back to earth when God gives the command.
One day He's coming, give praises to God.
Yes, He's coming again, but don't think it odd
For just as He promised to those who believe
He will take them to heaven, be ready to leave.
He died on the cross to free man from sin,
Arose from the dead so they'd be born again.
All those who believe in Christ's powerful name
Will live with Him forever -- that's why he came.