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God's love is great. It began with Creation and continues with loving you today. He loves you so much He sent His own Son.

This is a story of the Son of God who performed many miracles, healed the sick and raised the dead to show the world who He really is. His power and majesty unfold in this story of the Creator of the heavens and the earth.

When our Lord entered into Jerusalem on that triumphant Sunday just before the Last Supper, the Crucifixion and the Resurrection, He knew the great purpose for which He came and what is waithing for each of us in Heaven if we trust in Jesus as our personal Saviour. That is why He became God's Gift of Love.

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When we consider why the Lord came to this earth to save us from our sins that we may live with Him forever in Heaven, we can then understand the importance of this great Gift of God's Love to mankind.

God spoke to us through His Son and told us what to do. He even gove His Son to die for us that we may have eternal life.

If we sould only learn from God's great gift and live for Him, how much better would our service four our Lord be? We need to be obedient, to be ready and willing to do what God wants us to do each and every day.

We truly need to apply God's Gift of Love to our own lives so that the power of the Creator will truly fill our lives with the Gift of His Love.