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This is the story of a donkey that walks,
A donkey that runs and a donkey that talks
I'm beginning this tale very close to the end
A tale of a prophet, a king and a friend
For donkeys are a part of the great plan of God
It's true what I've said so don't think it odd

In a Bethlehem stable at the birth of the King
My grandfather watched as the angels did sing
After shepherds had worshipped the babe in the manger
The wisemen were warned of the apparent danger
My grandfather fled with Joseph and Mary
Way down to Egypt without growing weary

He told me this tale and of course there's much more
But now I must share what has gone on before
The story of Balaam, a prophet of God
And of a donkey who was struck with his rod
It began when some princes had come for a visit
They called for Balaam, and he answered, "Who is it?"
From Moab they came, from a king named Balak
But Balaam refused them and sent them all back
So the king sent more princes to bring back Balaam
So the prophet then prayed to his God called I Am
The same God who led Moses and the children of Jacob
told Balaam to go if they called him to wake up
But no prince had called him or asked him to go
Yet Balaam went anyway when God had said no
So God sent His angel to stand with his sword
But only the donkey saw the angel of the Lord
The donkey turned quickly out of harm's way
But Balaam was angry and struck him that day
Again Balaam went through the vineyards so tall
But seeing the angel the donkey turned towards the wall
After saving his life don't you think it odd
That Balaam repaid her with a stroke of his rod?
And again came the angel to stand in their way
And seeing no exit the donkey did lay
But Balaam was angry as the donkey sat down
And struck her again right there on the ground
"What have I done?" said the donkey with ease
"That caused you to hit me three times as you please?"
So Balaam just answered this donkey who talked
And threatened his donkey who had not walked
The donkey spoke softly to Balaam's reply
"Am I not your donkey, is it not I?"
Then Balaam's eyes saw for the very first time
The angel, the sword and he knew of his crime
He knew that his donkey had just saved his life
And he must obey God to avoid further strife
Yes Balaam was spared by a relative of mine
Way back in the past before grandfather's time
A donkey saved Balaam so he'd learn to obey
Now it's my turn to serve God today
For that Babe in the stable has grown to a man
And He sent for me as a part of His plan
To the house of a friend His disciples He sent
To find this young colt on their mission they went
They brought me to Jesus who rode me that day
We entered Jerusalem, His will to obey
They hailed Him as King, the Savior of man
I know I was there as part of God's plan
As God talked through the donkey to save Balaam from disaster
My Grandfather and I have each served the Master
For God has a purpose and a plan for your lives
You must love Him and serve Him until He arrives
He's coming again to take you all home
To live with Him in heaven and eternally roam
That heavenly city with streets made of gold
Where you'll live forever and never grow old.