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There are three Donkeys that are part of this tale. First, is the Grandfather who took Joseph and Mary to Bethlehem where the baby Jesus was born in a manger.

Second, is the Donkey who talked when he was chastized by Balaam the prophet. Now, this Donkey spoke in such a way that Balaam did not realize it was a donkey that was talking to him. This shows us the power of God as He uses a donkey to do His will. The Donkey obeyed God and without question or arguement was ready and willing to do what God asked. We must learn to do the same.

The third donkey is the young colt who allowed the Lord to ride on him as He entered Jerusalem. The activities in this book will help you learn more about this story.


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Words to Live By


A talking Donkey is certainly unusual, but not with God. With God nothing is impos- sible and we must learn to apply that fact to our lives. We must learn to do what God asks of us without question. Only then, will we be able to live as God intended us to live and be able to do His Will daily.

God sent His Son to this earth that those of us who believe on Him will have eternal life. We will live with Him forever in heaven. But, if we truly believe in Him, we should do what He asks us to do just as the Donkey obeyed in the story of Balaam.

God is able to lead us and guide us each day. He is in control of all of the universe. He cares for each of us and has a plan for us to follow. When we are obedient and follow Him we are not only rewarded in heaven, but we live a joyous and peaceful life on this earth. All we have to do is to trust Him and let Him be in control as the little Donkey did.