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Little Talkers present delightful stories told by animals that will help children to understand the importance of living their lives for God each day and obeying Him in all things. The purpose of this series, prepared especially for younger children, is to instill life-changing Eternal Values into the hearts and minds of our children that will enable them to fulfill God's Will in their lives, both now as children and later in life as adults.

Each Little Talker contains the following:

  • A Parent Guide to show how to use and apply each story
  • A Story Book that you can read with your children
  • A Video of the story complete with music and narration
  • An Audio file of the story that you can play online or download
  • A Coloring Book that you can print for your children to color
  • A Student Guide with various activities and puzzles
  • A Quiz with 'fill in the blanks' and questions from the story

This exciting program will help parents teach values and morals to their children while preparing them for Eternity!