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When we think of Jonah we naturally think of the Whale, and that is why the Whale is telling us this tale.

It is because the Whale obeyed God and did exactly what God asked him to do that Jonah finally went to Nineveh and preached God's message to all of the people. Because the Whale was faithful the people had the opportunity to escape this great judgment of God.

There is only one reason the people repented. It is because they heard God's message and believed Him -- all because the Whale did exactly what God wanted him to do.

We need to do what God wants us to do and to serve Him each day. The puzzles and other fun things to do will help you learn more about what God wants you to do each day.

A Game

A Maze

Scripture References

A Crossword Puzzle

Words to Live By


This story in the Bible is so important. As Jonah disobeyed God and went the other way, the Whale obeyed and did exactly as he was told to do. Even when he was told to swallow Jonah and to take him to Nineveh, he did it. Each day we must serve our Creator and do what God tells us to do in His Word. We must obey Him and do His Will. We must believe God and live our lives as the Whale lived his -- in obedience to God's every command.

The people of Nineveh were warned of God's judgment to come, and to escape that judgment they repented and turned from their evil ways. One day, all will stand before God to answer for all that they have done. Only by obeying God in all things can we stand before Him as His faithful servants. God created all of the creatures, the Whales and Man. As the Whale says, we must learn to love our Creator, to honor and serve Him, for nothing is greater.