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Lions are the King of the Beasts. But even they obey God, as we see from this story told by a lion. This story is about a young man named Daniel, who was trapped by other leaders because they were jealous. These other men tricked the king into creating a new law. A law that required everyone to worship the king rather than God. The punishment for breaking this law was being thrown into a den of lions.

Daniel, like the lion telling the story, obeyed God and did not worship the king. Because of his obedience to God, God saved Daniel from the lions.

We need to learn to live our lives like Daniel did and be faithful and obedient to the Lord each day.

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Only when we live as Daniel lived, in obedience to the Word of God, can we accomplish all that God wants us to. Because Daniel obeyed God, he was thrown into the den of lions, a place of death which God turned into a place of victory. Sometimes God puts us in a place where we suffer so that we can be victorious by doing what He wants us to do.

Our lives would truly be used of God if we would obey God and do His will. The story of Daniel shows our need for prayer, and how God's provision is truly sufficient even in time of great adversity. Daniel obeyed God and was dedicated to His Service, striving only to please Him.

We must learn to do what He asks us to do. Yes, Daniel was faithful and obedient to the Will of God. And we should follow his example.