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Student Quiz

Fill in the blanks or answer the questions:

1. Noah was a ________ man.

2. Noah kept building until the ______ was done.

3. Noah had ________ children.

4. There was room for ______________ on the ark.

5. God created ___________.

6. Noah warned people about the __________.

7. Noah was not afraid of the ________ because there was no eating of meat.

8. Noah had ________ in God's Word.

9. The people ran when the _________ came.

10. As well as rain there was a shaking and breaking in the land called an ________.

11. It rained for ______ days and ______ nights.

12. All of the highest mountains were covered with _________.

13. Were there surviving creatures in the water?

14. Noah and his family stayed in the ______ for one year.

15. What do you think the animals, birds and insects did when the door was opened?

Quiz Answers