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Parent Guide
Why is this study so important?

The Bible describes the Great Flood that took place in the days of Noah when all the animals and most of the plants were destroyed by this judgement of God. The importance of this story is explained alphabetically as we learn the ABC's. It is hard for us to imagine what took place when the flood waters rose up and covered the earth with water and mud. Only those animals and people on the ark survived to replenish the earth. It must have been a frightening experience for them and yet we know that God took care of all their needs. Today, each of us are descendents of those eight souls that were aboard the ark. God's provision aboard the ark of safety provides us with the opportunity to see and enjoy all of the marvelous animals that abide in our world today. Because Noah was faithful just as God commanded him to do, each of us have the opportunity to accept the Lord as our ark of safety for all eternity.

How to use this Study

As you read this story to or with your children, point to the pictures that illustrate the story so your children begin to associate the words with the characters. Then play the sound clips and follow along with your children to help them to get acquainted with the story, so that they learn the concepts and the words contained in this delightful tale. When your children are familiar with the story, its time to start coloring. This is a wonderful time for you to help children develop their artistic skills knowing that as your children illustrate these Biblical truths and have fun, that these truths are becoming a part of their memory and of their daily lives. This can be especially helpful at bedtime. Children preparing to go to sleep can listen as you read the book to them or play the audio cassette for them, both of which are available on our order form. Thus a Biblical story is the last thing they hear at the end of the day.

When the online story is completed and all the pages are colored and the tape or sound clips have been learned, go over the story again with your children. Let them read to you and talk about this Biblical story and what it means to them in order to reinforce these truths. This will lead to a proper understanding and application of this story to your children's daily walk with our Lord.

What are we learning

As we learn about the Flood and the alphabet we also learn the importance of living our lives in faithfulness to God as Noah did. God sent the Flood as punishment upon sinful man. Judgment will come again upon all men and we must be prepared to stand before God. Because of God's judgment in the flood, conditions on the earth drastically changed and the lifespan of man was shortened, which would also affect the growth of large reptiles. Man also became a hunter and ate meat for the first time after the flood. This event known as the flood, led to the demise of the great reptiles. Once again, the sinfulness of man had a great effect on nature and the whole earth as well. Sinful man was destroyed in this devastating judgment of God. The results of this judgment can be seen in the fossil remains of dead animals and plants all over the earth. The Dinosaur is no more, only their small cousins remain. One day man will live no more on this earth as a result of the final judgment of God upon mankind. Will you be ready?

As God tells us to live for Him and to obey Him, we need to do it. As man disobeyed God, the whole world changed and mankind was judged for their sin. Sin can only be conquered through God's Son, Jesus Christ, who had to die on the cross in our place, so that through faith in Him we have eternal life. When we obey God's command, we are doing God's will, which is the only wise way to go if we are to grow in the Lord. After all, true wisdom comes from God and is gained by following Him each day, being faithful to His Holy Word. And, we need to apply this truth daily.

Learning Objective

To understand the fact of the Flood and the awesome power of God to change the world. The facts are that since God alone is responsible for the origin of man, of life, of the earth and the very existence of the universe, He also has the authority and the power to punish and destroy that creation. God created all things and, therefore is Judge of all things.

Scripture References:

Genesis 6 - 8 and Job 40 - 41

The Application

The faithfulness of Noah is in sharp contrast to many other men and women in the Bible. Because Noah did what God asked him to do, we have the opportunity and the privilege of enjoying life today and going to heaven by believing in Jesus Christ as our personal Saviour. God's judgement was so great, that God sent this great flood to wash away sinful man. Noah and his family were spared as were those creatures that Noah took with him in the Ark. Again, we can see the high price of sin and the judgement of God upon the wickedness of man. But we also see God's love and provision for the future by providing an ark of safety to preserve life upon this earth. Because Noah obeyed God and built the ark, we can enjoy eternal life. We need to follow Noah's example and do what God asks us to do each and every day as well. The results are far reaching indeed.

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