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They say that an elephant will never forget
But what I remember should cause man to fret
For I was in Eden, that garden God made
Where all of the animals played in the shade.

The Lord made the mountains, the rivers and trees,
He made all the plants, the lakes and the seas.
He formed all the creatures that swim and that fly
And then He made those that live where it's dry.

When all of the animals were finished complete
The Lord took some dust and made man so neat.
He formed him and made him and called his name Adam
But he was alone, just a man with no madam.
Then God called to us in His voice so deep,
"Adam will name you," it made my heart leap.
We all marched in pairs, I was swinging my trunk
I was certainly glad I wasn't called skunk.
Whatever he called us was our name to keep
When Adam was finished, God put him to sleep
And taking a rib from out of his side
God created a woman with Adam to abide.
When Adam awake and first saw his wife
I knew he'd be happy the rest of his life.
God gave them dominion over all He had
We all felt so good, we jumped up and played.
God gave us the plants with their good fruit to eat
He gave me the grass that grows under my feet.
He then talked to Adam and also to Eve
"Eat freely of all, but one tree you must leave."
"The tree in the middle you must not eat of it
You must not even taste it, not one little bit.
For the day that you taste it you surely will die,
Don't ever be tempted, don't eve ask why."
So there in the Garden of Eden we stayed
Those wonderful days when with Adam we played
We walked through the forests and swam in the streams
While the sun gave us warmth with golden light beams.
For all had gone will til that fateful day
The serpent appeared unto Eve and did say,
"Go ahead, it's alright, to eat of the tree
The one which the Lord said you must let be."
For some unknown reason Eve took fruit and ate
And Adam ate also, he did not hesitate
As soon as they swallowed they both understood
That what they had done was not very good.
They hid from the Lord when He came for His visit
Which caused God to ask, "Adam, what is it?"
God knew they had sinned for they did not obey
They chose for themselves to go their own way.
Then God closed the Garden and placed us outside
Where Adam and Eve who chose evil soon died
They were made by the Lord to live with Him forever
But didn't believe Him, which sure wasn't clever.
Yes, as an elephant I'll never forget
How foolish man was, it should cause him to fret
For men need to learn what the animals all know--
That obeying the Lord is the wise way to go.