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The study of Dinosaurs is not only fun, but very helpful in our understanding of God and the Bible.

The word Dinosaur means terrible lizard and a Dinosaur is nothing more than a very large reptile. Since reptiles keep growing for as long as they live, if they lived for hundreds of years they would grow to great sizes like the the Dinosaurs.

Before the Great Flood of Noah's time, man lived for hundreds of years and therefore reptiles would live longer as well. This explains why there were once great and mighty Dinosasurs roaming the earth and why they died out in this judgment of God.

The activities on the following pages will help you learn more about Dinosaurs and the Biblical flood.

Word / Picture Matching

Scripture Reading

Crossword Puzzle

Words to Live By


As we learn more about Dinosaurs, we learn more about the power and majesty of God who created all creatures in the beginning.

God created the world perfect, but man disobeyed God and all of life was affected by the sin of Adam. Sin became so great and man became so wicked that God sent a mightly flood to destroy mankind from the face of the earth. Only Noah and his family survived along with the animals he took into the Ark as God had commanded.

The lifespan of man was shortened after the flood and the animals as well as the reptiles did not live as long. This is one of the reasons that we no longer see Dinosaurs roaming the earth today. This judgment of God was great and we need to learn that every act of disobedience has a result just like the sin of man before the flood caused the demise of the Dinosaurs. We need to live like Noah did and do as God commands.