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I always knew that God was God, I just didn't know what that meant or how to apply it. It was just a fact that didn't register with me as having the significance that as He shared with me the reality of who He is, I was now realizing as truth.

"My ways are not your ways. My thoughts are not your thoughts. My path is not your path, for I am the determiner of your path. I am the Way and you are to walk in it, in Me, My way, according to My purpose, that I may become your path that you may fulfill My purpose."

"But how?"

"By choice, a permanent choice, that’s alive, that becomes life, that is life."

"What do you mean by a permanent choice?"

"Exactly that. When I sacrificed My life for you it was a permanent choice. I could never take it back. No one made Me do it, not even the Father, I freely chose to die, to give up My life that you might have life. When a life is taken on the altar, that sacrifice is permanent, that choice is everlasting and eternal. It cannot be reversed.’

"You cannot say I’ll sacrifice my life today on the altar and take it back tomorrow. When life is given on the altar, that life is gone, permanently. There is no other choice, once that choice has been executed.’

"My death was sufficient for you and that sacrifice covered you forever. When you are gripped with that truth, surrender and present your body, your life, as a living sacrifice, permanently and make that choice on the altar, I will cover your life completely and transform your life to My image, according to My purpose. That permanent choice, where you accept my gift and yield your life to me, that choice is your only reasonable service and in that choice you enter My life and become life.’

"But, remember it is not a daily choice, it is a permanent choice, that affects your eternal destiny and whatever I do with that choice, with your life, becomes a part of that reasonable service for which you were created and called according to My purpose.’

"You see, I did not call you to serve Me, to bring Me this or that in hopes your actions or deeds might please Me and bring you a sense of blessing. I called you to be blessed in My service, as My servant. The blessing is in the serving and in the being, not in what you do or what you seem to need or want. For in that permanent choice, the benefits of life you receive in Me, far outweigh the needs or desires you may have or think you have. My life is greater than your life and in giving up your life, you gain everything and have everything in Me, as it was meant to be with Adam and Eve, in the beginning. I came to give you life, abundantly. I came to bring you oneness with Myself and with the Father. I came to set you free from the bondage of death and the curse caused by Adam’s disobedience. I came to give you righteousness, without choices, to impart to you the righteousness of God, that you might be perfect, pure and holy, in fellowship and oneness with the Father. That’s what My sacrifice was all about, a permanent cleansing through My blood that you may stand before God without spot and blameless.’

"That’s what happened on that altar of death. When you give your life on that altar, becoming a living sacrifice, My blood cleanses you from all sin and that covering is permanent and cannot be taken away. Nothing can separate you ever again from My love. You have truly been set free.’

"But this is not a license to do what you want. Although My love covers you, you are still free and it is what you do with that freedom, that determines your destiny.’

"It’s your choice. You can choose to keep your freedom or to freely give up your freedom and be free in Me. Free to dwell in My Love, to dwell in Me and abide in My love, forever."

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