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I found myself in the third heaven, floating in what I can only describe as the most beautiful blue sky that I had ever seen. I didn’t really know how I got here, but it must be where I wanted to be, for I had asked to come into His presence. I guess I didn’t know what that really meant or didn’t believe it would really happen.

Sure, I had prayed. I said, "Lord, let me come into Your presence." But I didn’t really expect what took place, nor could I have predicted the results. All I did was raise my arms in prayer as I gazed at the ceiling in my room and asked to speak to God. Alone in my bed sick, it seemed like the logical thing to do. Without fear or intrepetation, I had started on a simple journey in my mind, with a simple request, that suddenly turned into a nightmare.A presence of darkness soon permeated the room, an oppression such as I had never experienced. The result of that darkness fell on me like a giant creature and pressed me down upon the bed, smothering me in the depths of despair, with an unimaginable fear. There was a heat that turned into a fire and seemed to encompass the most hideous and nefarious fear of what I can only describe as death.This creature continued to press down upon me, suffocating me as the heat and flames rose in intensity in direct proportion to the fear that was literally draining the life out of my body.

In desperation, I cried out to the Lord, pleading His blood, begging Him to hear me, to save me from this terrible fate. As the face of Death pressed down upon me, I cried out for forgiveness, for cleansing, for the Lord, for His power, for anything that could save me from this horror. With the unbearable heat and weight of Death pressing upon me, my plight seemed hopeless and my fate sealed as my fear continued to lead me into oblivion.

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