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A Brief Description of the Creation-Science Research Center

The Creation-Science Research Center was founded in 1970 and incorporated in California as a non-profit educational and scientific corporation and is officially designated by the State Attorney General as a public-service corporation. C-SRC may be described as a public education and advocacy organization. The overarching operating principle of C-SRC is the development and application of a constitutional-legal strategy for redressing philosophical imbalance wherever tax-funds are being used to promote a particular philosophical-religious belief system. The Center's primary objective has been to change the manner in which the public schools teach about evolutionary theories. The purpose is to protect the faith of Christian children from illegal offense against their faith in the God of Creation. In 1981 the Center sponsored a lawsuit, Segraves vs. the California State Board of Education, which was tried in the Sacramento Superior Court. A landmark trial judgment and a court order were achieved which forbid the State from teaching evolution dogmatically as fact. The task of forcing the State fully to obey the court order continues.

The Center's service activities include providing students, parents, teachers, schools and churches with scientific and legal information, bibliographic materials, and answers to specific questions. The Center has prepared and published numerous books, films and videos audiovisuals, and study guides and materials for use in home-schools, private schools, public schools, and churches. These materials relate scientific data to the biblical record of creation and thus promote a biblical Christian world view. C-SRC participates in the broad-spectrum public education effort, in obedience to our Lord's Great Commission to bring the nation to a decision--for the Creator-God and Redeemer of the Bible, or against Him.