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Twenty-Five Years of Progress 1962-1987

September 1987

In 1962 we established a legal premise for Christian action in society. Following this, moral and spiritual guidelines were adopted for California Education.

The application of these guidelines resulted in policy statements that applied to the selection and review process for all state textbooks in California.

Application of the policy also resulted in parental involvement in the review process and a criteria statement for directing publishers to prepare books in legal compliance with the California policy adopted by the Board of Education, thus affecting education for the nation.

This policy affected Science, Social Science, Health Science, Music, Reading and Literature.

In 1964, members of our staff were involved in the writing of the Civil Rights Act, re-inserting the protection of creed in the public sector against offence to religious belief and the reaffirmation of that wording in the new civil rights act covering all public funds.

In 1970, The Creation-Science Research Center was formed in order to introduce Creation-Science as a balance in science education under these guidelines.

The Science and Creation Series was introduced into 28 states through the adoption process during 1973 and 74, thus requiring Science teachers to read the creation material as a viable alternative to the evolutionary interpretation of science.

In 1975 and 76, the Center joined with other religious groups in the abortion issue, applying the legal premise protecting the rights of the religious community in regards to tax funded abortions with Federal and State funds. We joined with the Catholic League and their attorneys helping them prepare arguments that would work toward raising a barrier to the tax funding of abortions.

Then we were able to apply this same premise to the FCC rules using the legal opinions received from the U.S. Supreme Court on the use of seven dirty words on public air waves. It was pointed out that FCC rules had not been updated since the introduction of television and, therefore there were no practical guidelines for protection from the portrayal or use of the seven dirty words. Our action resulted in the continued prohibition of their use on public airwaves and strict guidelines on the portrayal of immoral acts on TV, in order to protect minors and those in the public that were offended.

We also worked in conjunction with the City Council here in San Diego, in removing sex parlors. Then we went on to remove pornographic newspapers and magazines from publicly owned sidewalks, since they constituted a public outrage.

The Center also worked to set up city guidelines that would constitute protection for minors by removing pornography from public review and stiff fines if sold to minors. These same guidelines were applied to public schools and libraries, thus protecting minors from this illicit material.

We continued to make the application in 1977 and 78 as we went through the process of reviewing all sex material and films for the San Diego City Schools, cooperating with the task force set up for this purpose. This resulted in the removal of all films treating teenage sex and pregnancy, so that sex education would be related to the family and the married couple.

An adoption of instruction on V.D. and the health problems resulting from multiple sex relations and on the absolute rights of parents to review all sex material and securing the right of parents to remove their child from this instruction were the results of these efforts by the Center. The body of family law that protects minors from sexual harassment, statuary rape and child abuse, as a requirement for sex education courses, a strong recommendation for abstinence and the right to say no to sexual involvement prior to marriage were also added to this policy. This program has become the pilot for the nation, funded through the Department of Education in Washington D.C.

In 1978 we became involved in the integration of public city schools which were under a court order to resolve the integration problem for the last ten years here in San Diego.

The Center also wrote an integration program which opened the boundaries and allowed for magnet schools to be set up within problem districts in order to draw students from the whole city to a particular school that would specialize in a couple of the following subjects such as: math, science, music, dance, law, strict basic, or the open court system, to name some. Parents could sign up their child and bussing would be provided for by the city. This removed the responsibility for segregation from the Board of Education by placing the responsibility for integration on the parents. This plan was approved by the court and, over a 10 year period, proved so successful the court has removed its requirement for integration for San Diego City Schools. This same program has been adopted for Los Angeles City Schools and was recently recommended by the State Board of Education for national use as an exemplary program.

In 1980 we were preparing for a court trial to implement the guidelines prepared by a prior Board of Education because new appointees were refusing to recognize past policies regarding textbook adoptions and the rights of the Christian child in the classroom.

The trial of Segraves vs. the State Board of Education in 1981, was called "Scopes II" by the media. We won a victory, but the battle was still not over, for we must continue to implement that decision.

To win, we must also continue our efforts to curtail the influence of Atheistic Humanism in our schools.

Some Jamul parents recruited our help in 1984 when they learned about the Values Clarification and Self Esteem indoctrination that was being used in their local school.

As an information distribution Center we have been responsible for sharing all we have to those requesting help, information or educational needs, with individuals, schools and organizations across the country and around the world. We published books, produced filmstrips and tapes. We were instrumental in establishing the Christian Legal Society and helping establish as many as 400 different organizations carrying on the different phases of this work throughout the country and the world.


After the trial, in 1982 the Center staff worked with parents from Jamul, in San Diego County to remove or curtail courses of study based on Values Clarification and Self Esteem which led students to believe they were a law unto themselves. These programs caused them to question parental authority as well as church and state authority. The intent, purpose and goal of these programs was to alter our constitutional form of government and to implement a new social order through our children. The Center helped, by bringing the Launch Project to the attention of the President, members of Congress and the State and Federal Departments of Education which resulted in the Hatch Amendment being applied to all educational funds by disallowing the use of any federal funds for programs which included psychological testing or constitutional invasion of privacy or the undermining of religious beliefs.

In 1983 we were involved in a new science textbook adoption which would apply the anti-dogmatism policy won in our trial to science textbooks for the state of California and for the nation. This policy is now a part of the Court Order in the trial of Segraves vs. the State Board of Education and must be applied to all textbooks purchased with tax funds on State or District levels.

The new History and Social Science Framework for California required both creation and evolution viewpoints be presented if either view were discussed.

The new Music Framework also requires religious music as a representation of our western culture and religious heritage.

The new Sex Education Guide introduced in February of 1987 is a vast improvement over previous guides, again the result of our efforts. Back in 1980, Center staff, along with a group of parents across the State of California formed a committee to oppose the publication "Education for Human Sexuality," a resource book and instructional guide to sex education for kindergarten through grade twelve, published in 1979 by the California State Department of Education to be used in teacher training workshops.

Legal action was filed in San Diego to stop the distribution and use of this guide as a violation of State Board of Education policy and laws governing parental rights pertaining to the training and moral values of their children.

Groups of parents were organized to file lawsuits in each county throughout the state using each lawsuit decision to build upon until the guide was removed from use.

After the first suit the Sex Ed Guide was removed by the State Board of Education and those involved were fired or disciplined by the State Board of Education. No new Sex Education Guide had been introduced until February of 1987 when a new family life and Sex Education policy was developed by the California Board of Education. Although side stepping the thorny issues of homosexuality and aids, the State Board of Education approved a policy for family life classes that would start cautioning children as young as 9 to abstain from premarital sex.

These family life guidelines, which urge students to abstain from sex as the only "100 percent effective" form of birth control, are not binding on local school districts but will also serve as a guide and advice to teachers. The Center staff has been involved in this issue for more than 20 years and now hopes to set a trend for responsible sex education for our nation within health instruction which will deal with the disease factor resulting from multiple sexual relationships and the psychological problems resulting from non-traditional life styles that lead to the destruction of the family. The only answer is to teach children moral absolutes based on abstinence from sexual involvement outside marriage and monogamous relationships within marriage.

In 1984 the Center developed an Organizational Plan in order to motivate and inform Christians of their rights and responsibilities to God and to the Law, in order to keep other Christian groups informed and to encourage them to use our legal premise to duplicate our efforts through their organizations and therefore multiply our victory across America.

Now we see over 400 groups and organizations doing as we have done and we are making much progress toward turning our nation around and removing the influence of atheistic humanism in our nation's public schools. Much has been accomplished, and yet there is much that is to be done.


With our new Publishing capabilities, for the first time we are able to produce quality publications in house for distribution to Public, Private and Christian Schools.

Already we are working on a series for the Home Schools and finally we will be able to publish our Sunday School Series that was developed years ago and successfully taught as a pilot in several churches. The Center has just completed several Learning Kits for Home Schoolers and we are in the process of finishing a Daily Vacation Bible School Kit on Dinosaurs. Now, we can publish and distribute materials which stand for the Truth without apology or compromise. And, we can print them as we need them, Publishing on Demand.

This means that we can and will design full courses of study for classroom use in Science and Social Science, both in written form and as Video Courses for use via Direct Broadcast Satellite. Already we have outlined over 30 individual courses and are currently working on the details to film each course as well as make the arrangements to have them and an answer to "Cosmos" broadcast on Television..

The future holds much for the Center and we look forward to many more years of service and implementation of our Legal Premise and these projects as well. We must continue the application of our Legal Premise that has accomplished much in this battle for the minds and souls of our little children.

Yes, we have accomplished much in the last twenty-five years, not all of which is covered in this Special Report and none of which is covered in much detail, but the lesson from all this is clear. We can stand up to the Goliaths of this world with a tiny sling and the Faith and the knowledge that our GOD, the Creator and Sustainer of all that is, is still in control and if He be for us then no one can stand against us. There is still much to do and we do not have all the resources needed to accomplish these Goals.

God has greatly blessed us and led us this far, and He will continue to do so until we have fulfilled His purpose on this earth.