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10. Evolution or Creation--Does it Matter? (Part Two)

6. Pornography, Prostitution, and Homosexuality

The dedicated evolutionist may reject the use of mind changing drugs on the basis of the genetic threat they pose to unborn generations and thus to the evolutionary hope of the race. (Marijuana, for example, induces chromosome breakage in human eggs and sperm). But since evolutionary doctrine has done away with moral law, with personal responsibility, and with meaning and purpose in life, what is there to keep a hedonistic generation from seeking pleasure for a season in drugs or any other kind of sin? If the drug user is willing to endanger his health in this life, he should be free to do so. Since moral responsibility does not exist, why worry about the next generation of (human) animals? If he becomes a ward of the state, society bears the guilt for his aberrations and should pay the tab.

7. Education for Social Adjustment

In accord with the evolutionary view of man, since spiritual life and obedience to a Creator are excluded, the highest ends of the individual are to please himself and, perhaps, to preserve the race. Human nature, supposedly being the most advanced product of evolution, is held to be basically good, not corrupt. therefore, self-expression free from external control is the ideal educational goal. Practical considerations would then suggest that the prime purpose of education is the socialization of the individual to bring him into a workable but loose conformity with the group, with society, subject in some degree to group consensus, but not to absolute moral law. In this view the imposition of absolute moral law is repugnant, for it tends to produce feelings of guilt which supposedly hinder or twist the desirable natural course of personal human development. Such an evolution-based educational program, by avoiding all reference to the moral law, to God, or to the spiritual nature of man, is teaching practical if not theoretical atheism. An additional "benefit" arises from the fact that education without a morality based discipline usually produces much learning failure, with many functionally illiterate graduates.

In actual practice this permissive type of education has caused such chaotic conditions in the schools and in society that the evolutionary humanists themselves are frightened. Their response takes two forms. One is psycho-social mind programming and the other is the imposition of increasingly oppressive governmental controls over behavior. Each of these responses is designed to give the elite planners power over a population reduced to the condition of an efficiently operating termite colony in which the will of the planners is done.

As this essay is being revised in June, 1996, a radical addition to the federal stable of education legislation is in committee in both houses of the supposedly Republican congress. It would establish a set of federal standards for public schools across the nation. Each child would have a "smart card" on which his or her entire personal record is stored. At an early age, perhaps around 12 years, counseling would be initiated aimed at determining the course of secondary education and the career goal of the child. The child's parents and the child's preferences would be overridden if the "expert" counselor determined the smart card data ruled otherwise. At the conclusion of the bureaucratically planned educational process would be a Certificate of Completion. And by law employers would be forbidden from hiring any young person not possessing a Certificate! Now what would this do to all private education? Either control or destroy it. What would happen to students who evidenced intelligence and ability, but were deemed to have attitudes or convictions not in line with the humanist/statist goals of the bureaucracy? They would be side-tracked into some form of street sweeping.

The Christian who accepts some brand of theistic evolution has no firm or credible basis for criticizing such a hideous public educational system.

8. Government Control of the Family

Government policy informed by evolutionary theory will aim ultimately to control family life, for family influence shapes the individual's character. Training and socialization within the family unit generally tend to perpetuate traditional values which in America are basically Christian values, grounded in the moral law given by the Creator. This cultural chain must be broken if the evolution-based values of the elite secular humanist planners are to replace Christian values. It is thus no surprise that numerous government plans and programs at both the state and national levels appear designed to weaken the Christian concept of the family or to give recognition to and acceptance of competing modes of life, such as communal extended families, or even homosexual "families." Furthermore, because the race supposedly is still evolving and new technology may be placing in human hands some powerful capabilities of genetic engineering and psychological conditioning techniques, elite planners and power seekers will inevitably try to apply these capabilities to control and remold the race. Such experimentation, even on a mass scale, is acceptable if man is only an evolved animal. One biologist of international repute stated publicly that he would accept the position of genetic czar with the authority to determine which human sperm and eggs would be permitted to unite and develop in selected wombs to create the population of the future! Christians who accept evolution have seriously undermined their platform for resisting such Orwellian schemes for humanity.

9. Government Control of Everything

Created man bears the divine image and has received from God the moral law and personal responsibility. He possesses as a personal being gifts of precious rights and freedoms from his Creator. These are all protected from governmental encroachment in the United States Constitution, the fundamental principles of which are firmly grounded in the conception of human nature and the Moral Law expounded in the Bible. Evolved man, in contrast, bears the image of his ancient animal ancestry, is subject to no external moral law, and is responsible only to himself. The only permanent law for evolved man is adaptive response to the environment for preservation of self and, perhaps, of the race. Since he is a product of his environment and has no eternal personal value, experimentation by government planners is acceptable for the solution of social problems. Since anarchy is really intolerable for everybody, progressive breakdown of the social order demands corrective remedial action. The creationist sees that the key requirement for social order is that individuals have internal personal commitment based upon the sense of personal responsibility to the Creator and His Moral law. The evolutionist, rejecting the idea of personal responsibility, seeks to preserve the social order or to create a new one by forcible psycho-social mind programming and/or external forcible police state controls upon behavior. The goals of the programming and controls are determined by whoever gains the requisite political or military power. These persons, whoever they may be, have the power to constitute themselves as the authoritarian elite who know what should be done to, for, and with mankind. Dreams and actual implementation of such humanist/collectivist dreams can be observed in developing stages at every level of human society today, state, national, and global. A population indoctrinated in the evolutionary view of the world and of themselves is helpless effectively to resist domination by the planners. The Christian who espouses any form of evolution ruins the cutting edge of his spiritual sword, the Bible, having already compromised the Word of God by making peace with the arch-enemies of the God of the Bible, the evolutionary humanists. Their schemes are clearly preparing the world for the anti-Christ beast of the revelation. Christians surely should have no part in these machinations.


The world system, says the Apostle John, "lies in the wicked one." (1 John 5:19) The social, moral, political, and religious atmosphere in which unregenerate men and women live has been created by "the prince of the power of the air, the spirit who now works in the children of disobedience." (Ephesians 2:2) The theory of evolution is a doctrine of demons taught by seducing spirits. As we have seen, evolution subverts every fundamental doctrine of biblical Christianity. Furthermore, the evolutionary world view dictates starkly un-Christian and anti-Christian responses to the needs and problems of life in this world. In no way can a Christian man or woman espouse evolutionary doctrine and honor God with the implicit faith in His written Word that He requires. It is not possible for a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ to go along with the evolution-based humanistic programs of the world without denying the lordship of Christ and the necessity of the gospel of grace. To espouse both evolution and the gospel of Christ is to be double-minded and lose the effectiveness of one's witness to the world. James said, "A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways." (James 1:8)

The alternative to double-mindedness is faith, faith which works by love and produces obedience in the believer's life, faith that enables the Christian to hang his life and his reputation before the world upon the Word of God written, the Bible. The Scriptures plainly teach the doctrines of creation which we presented at the beginning of this study. The Scriptures also call upon Christians to be "the salt of the earth," opposing the corrupting influences which flow from anti-Christian doctrines. History is rushing on to its end. Satan is pushing his program of deception to the hilt, and evolutionism is one of his most powerful offensive weapons. In the face of this hellish onslaught against truth and righteousness the Christian can surely accept the charge of the Apostle James, "Submit yourselves, therefore, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you." (James 4:7)

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