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As By Fire

As I waited, I met several people and even found a few that I had known before and still know for that matter, for some of them were friends. Yet most of them were strangers, but all of them were friendly and none of them were strange. There was a common bond and a single purpose that was felt by all. Yet each person was still an individual with his own personality and his own thoughts and his own distinct characteristics and attributes. We were alive in every aspect of life and yet, I knew we were all dead physically.

It was not the final death man dreaded but transient death as we were waiting for something to come that would change us and make us whole, yet I lacked nothing. I could walk and talk. I could see and hear. I could do all the things that life had offered for I was alive in death.

I was there in that room alive and I wasn't afraid, yet I knew that I was not where I was used to being. I was no longer an inhabitant of earth for I had been taken above. I knew I was to meet God because this place of waiting was His and His alone. I was waiting, watching and willing for my time to come. I knew it would come, for I welcomed it and wanted it. I had no apprehension for I was sure there was nothing to fear.

One by one those who were waiting left the room as their names were called, not audibly, and yet not silently, for in their minds they knew it was their turn. I knew it was their turn just as I knew it would soon be my turn to go before my Maker. I would be called in a moment or an hour or a day or a week, and I would go when I was called as if I had been the only one there and the only one called, for time was meaningless and time was not, for we had all the time in the world.

So I spent my time talking with friends, both old and new. For everyone was friendly and new acquaintances were so easy to make, especially since we were all here for the same purpose.

Of course, my old friend Johnny was there in his new body. On earth John was paralyzed in a car accident and couldn't walk, but now he was fine. There was no hint of pain and no trace of anguish in his face or body. He was a new man. Together we walked throughout the room and talked and laughed with those who were waiting.

It wasn't even amazing that John could walk, in fact, we realized that everyone here was in perfect shape physically. Those who were blind could see, the deaf could hear.

Even the extra 20 pounds I always seemed to carry was gone, my waist was slim again. I was in great shape.

Then again, I had my glorified body, as did everyone else in the room, so even this was a natural occurrence to be expected in these natural surroundings. Death was simply marvelous.

Then I saw him.

He was standing near the wall, alone in the midst of this crowd. He was quiet mannered and powerfully built, yet through that peaceful expression his rugged face clearly indicated the years he spent on earth. There were no scars and no pain and no tears in the eyes of the greatest man ever born of woman.

His name was also John. John the Baptist they called him, for he was the one who baptized the Lord and prepared the way for His coming.

We walked toward him and introduced ourselves and heard his voice. The same voice that cried out in the wilderness, that spread the news that repentance was necessary if one was to see the kingdom of heaven.

I was at the entrance to heaven, waiting to be ushered in. I was here and John was here and we were talking to a man who had lived nearly two thousand years before we were even born.

When my turn came, I heard my name clearly spoken in my mind and I turned toward a large door in the middle of the room, but on the far side. It seemed unreachable with myriad's of people between me and the exit.

I was there, however, in a few steps. It was as if all you needed to do in this land was to think about that which you wanted to accomplish and you had accomplished it.

There was an angel waiting for me. His name was Lael.

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